VTA System Products

Customized solutions for process optimization in sewage treatment plants and odor prevention in sewage systems. VTA provides highly effective, biologically acceptable products for wastewater treatment and sludge treatment (including the use of nanotechnology) as well as scientific analyses and first-rate consultation.

VTA Technology

Innovative technologies to optimize the economics of sewage treatment plants and their energy efficiency. The patented ultrasound counterflow disintegration process (GSD=Gegenstrom-Desintegrationsverfahren) reduces sewage sludge formation and increases biogas production. The VTA MicroTurbine generates eco-friendly and climate-friendly power and heat from biogas.

VTA Solar Systems

The power of the sun for clever cost cutters. Photovoltaic modules from VTA Solar Systems convert energy from the sun into electrical power - efficiently, reliably, and with unparalleled cost efficiency.

Eurodos dosing technology

State of the art dosing and dissolving systems for polymers. Eurodos systems stand out through innovation, precision, cost efficiency and operational reliability. www.eurodos.at