VTA - The cycle of success

VTA – The abbreviation stands for “VerfahrensTechnologische Abwasseraufbereitung”, meaning “wastewater processing driven by process engineering”. It also stands for a globally successful Austrian company that sets standards in wastewater and environmental technologies with innovative and perfected products. Its highest guiding principles are eco-friendliness and economic efficiency.

The VTA group of companies with branch offices in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland has approximately 130 employees, with 45 at its main office in Rottenbach (Upper Austria).

Many more than 1000 operators of municipal and private wastewater treatment plants throughout Europe and elsewhere trust in VTA’s expertise. They are supported by highly qualified VTA specialists such as materials processing engineers and biologists. Prime markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Benelux nations, Italy, France and Portugal, as well as Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, the Middle East (Arab Emirates), and South Korea.

With its “Solar Systems” division, VTA has also made a successful foray into the promising area of photovoltaics.

Cycles characterize nature. Thinking in cycles characterizes VTA’s corporate philosophy.